Bus stops are generally located at intersections where they may be placed on the immediately before or after an intersection. Bus stops should be placed as close as possible to a safe crosswalk to allow people to safely access the stop from both sides of the street.  In certain cases mid-block stops are considered.

Clearance for Bus Stopping Zones

Appropriate clearance from intersections, parking lanes, and landscaping  is required for all bus stops. Please refer to Section 5 of the Transit Design guidelines for detailed consideration of bus stop placement.

Abutting Property Owners / Tenants

Some commercial establishments are interested in having a bus stop placed in front of their establishment, while residents may object to the presence of a bus stop in front of their home, especially if the stop is used for layovers. All efforts should be taken to minimize the impact to each property owner, but vehicle and pedestrian safety and security should be the over-riding factor in determining the final bus stop location.

Bus stops should not be placed directly in front of shop windows and entrances where they block visibility of businesses to customers.

For More Information please see Sections 5 of the Transit Design Guidelines.