Request for changes

Potential local bus stop locations or concerns regarding existing stops may originate from city staff, Omnitrans staff, passengers or the general public.   These requests include issues,  such as requests to add, move, or remove bus stops or bus service; add, move, or remove amenities at existing bus stops; and operational or safety/security issues related to the stop location.

Requests for changes in bus stops should be sent to:

Community Planning/Project Development

When a local jurisdiction (city or county) begins the process to create or update a general plan, specific plan, or roadway project, or to review a development proposal, there is an opportunity to incorporate transit into the planning process.

Meeting invitations, notices, scoping letters, and copies of plans should be sent to:, or by mail to the following:

Planning Department, Omnitrans
1700 W. Fifth St.
San Bernardino, CA 92411

Construction Impacts

Public Works and private development construction activities often impact bus operations and bus stops.  The following information attempts to reduce construction conflicts, provide information for the contractor, and guide local jurisdiction staff coordinating both design and construction work with the private development community.  Omnitrans considers construction coordination a local function, but is available to provide assistance if requested.  Omnitrans will participate in any decisions on construction that requires temporary stop closures, relocations, or route disruptions.

Construction coordination information should be directed to:

For More Information please see Section 5 of the Transit Design Guidelines.